I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos. Tattoos are not just images or drawings. Tattoo in my opinion, are artistic expressions of your innate persona. Each tattoo is a memory or a belief that you cherish and carry with you till the end. Each tattoo must be intricate and precisely the way you want it. I remember my very first tattoo. It was early 2010 and I was touring Penang, taking in the sights. By chance, I came across Mystical Tattoo Studios (then in Chulia Street). On a impulse, I decided to get tattooed and stepped in. That’s when I met Sam Lee. I told him I wanted a simple crucifix. But, I was very impressed with Sam’s aesthetic depiction of the crucifix. That was the moment I knew that I would come back many times to Mystical Tattoo. It’s been 4 years and I’ve got quite a number of tattoos, all etched perfectly by Sam Lee. I’ve never gone to any other tattooist because I’m extremely satisfied and very confident about Sam’s tattooing. Each any every tattoo etched by him is above and beyond my expectations. Another crucial thing is that Sam gives utmost priority in maintaining stringent hygienic conditions. Whenever I get tattooed, I’m 100% confident of an exquisite artistic tattoo and hygiene. Beside, the cost of each tattoo in Mystical Tattoo Studio is reasonable and justified.

I’m definitely getting more tattoos and, the only mantra I follow is:

“Get Tattooed @ Mystical Tattoo Studio, Penang.”

To all tattoo aficionados out there, once you step in Mystical Tattoo Studio (now located in One Stop Midlands Park – Jln Burmah, Penang), be assured that you’ll come out with an intricate tattoo that you’ll keep going back for more.

To Sam Lee, keep up the good work bro!!! You’re the best!! Cheers!!!!

by Sam Thamby – India